How to Take a Picture of a Christmas Tree

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How to Take a Picture of a Christmas Tree

The holiday season is a special time to gather family and friends together for fun, laughter, and memories. It’s also a great time to celebrate the beauty of your home, including your Christmas tree. As such, it can be tempting to take the same picture of your Christmas tree every year. If you’re looking to make your tree photos more unique, there are a few ways you can add some extra flare to your festive snapshots.

1. Focus on Small Details

The tree is usually the focal point of most holiday photos, but a closer look at the decorations can offer a fresh perspective. You may want to capture a few of your favorite ornaments or even your tree topper, as these elements are often the most personal and meaningful.

2. Create a Light Painting Effect

Using long exposures can give you some really interesting effects, like a light painting on your tree. This can be done by either taking several pictures with different exposure settings or by capturing an HDR image of your tree (a combination of multiple images taken at slightly different exposure settings).

3. Play with Reflections

Whether your tree is reflected in a mirror or glass, or it just seems to have some reflections in the lights, you can use this to create gorgeous portraits and even landscapes. A reflected image of the tree can be very captivating, and it will make your holiday snapshots stand out on social media.

4. Try a Different Angle

If you have a wide-angle lens on your camera, you can shoot your tree in a variety of different perspectives. This can be a lot of fun and can help you create some truly beautiful photos that you’ll want to save forever.

5. Embrace the Magic of the Lights

If your tree is illuminated with bright string lights, you can get some amazing shots by using a low shutter speed and an aperture that’s slightly smaller than your normal opening. This will keep the shadows out of your photo and give you a beautiful image of your tree in all its glory.

6. Take a Photo with Someone Else

One of the best parts about photographing a Christmas tree is that you can include people in your photos. Whether they’re your kids, grandkids, or any other loved ones, capturing them in your photos is a great way to remember the moment.

7. Shoot from a Sideways Perspective

If you’re trying to capture a Christmas tree from an entirely different perspective, consider shooting it with your phone or even a traditional DSLR. This can help you create some really beautiful shots that you’ll love to print and share with others.

8. Use a Tripod

Taking pictures of your Christmas tree can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to include a person or people in the shot. Using a tripod will allow you to take sharper pictures with less blurring.

9. Use a Nighttime Background

If your Christmas tree is lit with fairy lights or other colorful, shiny bulbs, it can be tricky to shoot with a conventional lens. This is because your camera won’t be able to focus properly on the light source, so you’ll need to use a tripod or a table to help you get the right framing.


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