How to Make Herring in Oil With Onion

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How to Make Herring in Oil With Onion

Herring is a favorite appetizer in Poland and is served in many different forms. It’s also a popular delicacy during holiday times like Christmas Eve and New Year’s.

The classic Polish herring recipe is called sledz w oleju (pronounced SHLEDGE vef oh-LAY-yoo). It is a sophisticated dish that requires a high level of cooking expertise and creativity to master.

Firstly, soak the herring in a large bowl filled with water and change the water out after 30 minutes. This step will remove the saltiness and help get rid of the bad smell.

Next, cut the onion in half and slice thinly. You will need about 1 quart / liter of onion. To the onion add the oil, sugar, pepper and chopped parsley. Then, slice the herring at an angle into about 1 inch / 3 centimeter strips and add to the bowl with the onions. Mix and refrigerate until serving.

Another traditional way to serve herring is in pickles. This is a two-step process and can be made ahead of time.

1.Cured herring in brine is a salt-based preparation and can be purchased in Polish delicatessens or large supermarkets, sometimes also in the international section of larger stores. It is usually ready to eat after 3 days.

2.Cured herring in vinegar is a less salty option that doesn’t require soaking. It is also easy to prepare.

3.Pickled herring is typically consumed as a side dish with bread and potatoes or can be turned into a salad.

4.In Poland, herring is often served as an appetizer or starter at holiday events like wigilia and on Shrove Tuesday before Lent. It can be served in several different forms such as raw, fried, pickled and creamed.

5.To make herring in oil with onion you will need herring fillets that have been cured in brine, a large bowl for soaking the herring and a medium pot or saucepan for preparing the pickling mixture.

6.Cured herring in brine and salted herring fillets are available from the barrel at many Polish delis, as well as Jewish and other international delis.

7.Pickled herring in oil is a delicious and versatile dish that can be eaten as a main meal or as a side dish with mashed potatoes, or simply as a snack.

8.Pickled herring in oil can be topped with sour cream or drizzled with olive oil.

9.It can be prepared in advance and if stored properly, it will last for up to 14 days.

Lastly, you will need a clean jar (approximately one litre/4 cups) for storing the pickled herring.

Cured herring in brine is sold in Polish delis and other local grocery shops and can be found online as well. Salted herring, known as “herring a la Matias”, is available in most respecting Polish delis.


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