How to Make a Hayride Safe and Fun

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How to Make a Hayride Safe and Fun

A hayride is a fun way to celebrate harvest season and spend time with friends and family. Whether you’re having a hayride party for your kiddos or a paid event, there are several things you need to keep in mind so everyone can enjoy the ride safely.

Choose a Safe Route

The most important safety rule for hayrides is to keep children and adults seated in the wagon. It’s easy for them to lose balance and fall off the wagon, which can cause injuries. In addition, hay can be slippery and hard to hold onto. Make sure that people are able to find a seat before the hayride begins.

Identify Hazards on the Path

Before the hayride begins, survey the route and note any hazards that may be present, such as rocky areas, clearings or fields. You also need to evaluate any overhead branches and wires, sharp turns, cliffs or other steep inclines.

Build Suspense on the Haunted Ride

Haunted hayrides are a popular Halloween attraction, but many hayrides aren’t scary enough. To create a scareworthy hayride, you need to create suspense throughout the entire ride. This can be done by dividing the ride into sections and using each section to build dread and a sense of anticipation for the next section.

Add Audio & Sound to Build Suspense

Play with passengers’ expectations by using sound, both in terms of volume and the frequency of the noise. The more you play with their aural expectations, the more they’ll be on edge and look for something to jump.

Use Scenes to Build Suspense on the Hayride

When planning a haunted hayride, it’s important to divide your route into sections. These can include places where the hayride will stop to allow passengers to assess a scene and sections where the hayride will drive through. By dividing your hayride into different sections, you can give each section its own scare.

Create a Theme for the Ride

A theme for your hayride will help you get started brainstorming ideas. It can be a simple one, such as “Fall Fun” or a more elaborate one that tells the story of the ride.

Having a theme for your hayride will also allow you to develop an overall atmosphere for the event. For example, if you are going to be a haunted hayride, a dark theme will add to the ambiance of the ride.

Re-Visit Historical Sites During the Ride

If you’re planning to have a haunted hayride, take a trip down memory lane and visit some of your favorite places. For example, you could visit the school your grandparents went to or point out the tree your parents used to play in.

Sing Along on the Ride

If your hayride is a celebration, add some music to it. Play songs that the kids will enjoy and hand out lyrics so everyone can sing along. You can also use music to teach them about the planets, stars, and constellations as they ride along.


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