How to Make a Hair Twist

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How to Make a Hair Twist

Hair twists are an easy way to create a variety of hairstyles, without the expense of going to the salon. Twists are also easy to maintain as they tend to last for weeks if you take care of them properly.

One of the most effective ways to keep your hair twist looking its best is to use a hooded dryer to speed up the drying process. If you are wearing your hair up, make sure to put on a head wrap or an elastic ponytail to secure the style in place. You can also tuck some of your hair into a bun to add volume to the look.

The two-strand twist is the most common type of twist. Two strand twists can be done with either long or short hair. For long hair, you can do one per side of your head, or you can do several. It is important to choose a product that will help your twist hold its shape, like a leave-in conditioner or a styling lotion.

A three-strand twist is much more advanced. For the most part, the two-strand type of twist works just as well. But, there is a reason to wear a three-strand twist – it is a lot more fun.

The trick to creating a good twist is to maintain an even amount of tension across the entire strand. This can be accomplished by using a rat tail comb or by twirling the hair around your finger. Make sure you use a hair growth oil on your scalp for five to ten minutes prior to rinsing it out.

The mini twist is another sexy hairstyle that can be worn in various variations. There are various options for this particular type of hairstyle, from flat twists to glossy twists. Flat twists can be done in an updo, a side part, or a simple ponytail. Glossy twists can be used to add shine to a messy updo or to pair with a space bun.

For a more elegant hairstyle, you can secure the twist by adding some clear elastic to your hair. The trick is to twist your strands in the right direction and keep the end pieces out of the way. Adding an extra bobby pin can also make a difference.

One of the most exciting things about twists is the versatility of the styles that you can pull off. You can go from a snazzy wavy hairstyle to an elegant curl in a matter of minutes. However, if you are not a professional, be aware that it can take some practice to master the art of the twist. Once you have mastered the twist, you’ll find yourself wanting to try many other types of hairstyles.

The hair twist is a great choice for those who are looking to save money or for those who are just attempting to get their hair to grow. When you’re ready to rock the twist, take a deep breath.


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