How to Make a Bookmark on Your Computer

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How to Make a Bookmark on Your Computer

If you want to save a page or part of a webpage for later use, bookmarking is a great way to do it. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox provide a way to save sites that you have visited or found interesting. The browsers also allow you to organize these bookmarks in folders for easy access. You can create new bookmarks in either of these programs by selecting Favorites, Add to Favorites (or using the keyboard shortcut Control + D) while on the site you want to bookmark.

Adding a Web Page to Your Bookmarks Bar

In Internet Explorer and Firefox, you can quickly add a Web page as a bookmark by left-clicking the address of the page and dragging it on to the Bookmarks bar. This shortcut can be a lifesaver when you’re searching for information online or looking to bookmark a specific section of a website that might not appear on its homepage.

Removing a Bookmarked Website

In most Internet Explorer and Firefox versions, it is possible to delete a bookmarked website by right-clicking the bookmark in the browser’s bookmarks bar and choosing “Edit” from the menu that appears. This allows you to rename the bookmarked website, move it to a different folder or remove it altogether.

Sharing Bookmarked Websites

If you have a lot of bookmarks and want to share them with others, it is possible to do so via an extension on your computer called TeamSync. This extension allows you to create folders that are synced with other users’ computers, which means all of your bookmarked pages will be available on their screens.

Customizing Your Bookmark Design

You can personalize your bookmarks with the help of online design tools like Canva. The tool offers millions of stock photos, images and illustrations that you can mix and match to create a unique design. Moreover, you can create designs with your own business logo or other elements.

Then, just add your text and background to the design as you see fit. Play with the size, color and font until you get the effect that you like best. Then, print your bookmarks and give them away to friends or family members.

Creating Bookmarks for a Home Business

Whether you are a budding author or a self-published writer, bookmarks are an affordable and effective way to promote your name or literary works. You can customize your bookmarks to reflect your personal style or incorporate an image or quote from a book you’ve published. You can even choose a design that matches the color scheme of your book covers to make a cohesive look.

If you’re looking for inspiration, browse through hundreds of templates that range from quote bookmarks to black and white bookmarks. You can also find inspirational bookmarks, holiday bookmarks and more.

Then, you can add your own photos, images and artwork to the design as well as personalize it with your own colors and layouts. You can also add stickers, buttons and other elements to your design to give it a unique touch.


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