7 Easy Ways to Make Jewelry From Stones

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7 Easy Ways to Make Jewelry From Stones

The art of making jewelry from stones can be a rewarding, creative endeavor. However, many artists struggle with a creative block that prevents them from thinking of new ideas for their work. If you’re feeling this way, there are some ways to get past it and start creating again.

1. Go to a Beach or Other Natural Location

A great way to spark new ideas is to find inspiration in your surroundings. Whether it’s a natural landscape or your own backyard, taking note of the elements around you can help you brainstorm unique and interesting design ideas.

2. Pick Stones That Have a Specific Color and/or Pattern

A good rule of thumb is to choose gemstones that have a specific color and/or pattern to create an eye-catching piece. For example, rose quartz is a popular choice for contemporary jewelry because it’s vibrant and can complement many types of designs.

3. Use Loose Gemstones

Using loose gemstones is a great way to add texture and style to a piece of jewelry. Using gemstones that are not polished gives them an earthy, natural feel.

4. Learn How to Make Wire Wrapped Jewelries

One of the easiest ways to make jewelry from stones is to create a wire wrapped pendant. This method is quick and easy, so even the beginner jewelry maker can craft a beautiful piece of pendant jewelry in no time!

To begin, you’ll need a few pieces of twisted wire. Each pair should be a minimum of an inch long. Depending on the size of your pendant, you might need more or less than that.

Place the stone between the two twisted wires, ensuring that the wires sit beneath a wide point on the stone. If the wires are too tight, they will likely slip out of the stone. If they are too loose, you can adjust them with the pliers.

5. Adjust the Bell Cap

Once you have your ring sized correctly, it’s time to shape the bell cap to fit the stone. You can do this without tools, but it’s much easier to achieve a smooth, secure fit with a tool like a burnisher or drill bit.

6. Add a Chain or Necklace to the Pendant

Once the ring and stone are ready, it’s time to attach your pendant to your necklace or chain. To do this, you’ll need a pair of round nose pliers. Hold the ends of the wires together, and twist them up at least an inch. This will help secure the ring to the chain or necklace, so it won’t slip out of your fingers.

7. Use Natural Stone Slices

A great way to incorporate a raw stone sense into your jewelry designs is to slice it up. Banded Agate, Watermelon Tourmaline and Geode slices are all great options for this method of combining an unpolished look with a glossy surface.

8. Use Metal Clay

Using metal clay is another great way to create jewelry from stones because it gives you plenty of options for setting them in a way that looks cool and unique. Arlene Mornick demonstrates six different techniques in her Linked Metal Clay Bracelet with Stones (Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, November 2016).

9. Add a Stone Charm to Your Bracelet

For an earthier look, try making a rock charm that can be added to any bracelet. Adding lightweight pebbles or other small, round stones is also a fun way to dress up a basic bracelet.


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